The first mobile On-Chain NFT information and community platform.
Limited to 2000 all-access passes with no additional future mints.



It combines the biggest NFT tools out there so you can get all
the information you need in one simple app which makes your
NFT life easier and a lot less stressful.

By holding a Spacegate Pass you will receive all-access to
exclusive functions in the App.



Spacegate Pass holders will get a lifetime, all access to our exclusive app utilities with no extra payment.
Everyone else can get all access to the app through a monthly payment (TBA).

See floor, volume, and sales trends and charts on any collection to make educated entry and exit decisions.

Want to follow your friends or whales? Track any wallet’s latest mints, buys, and sells with live notifications to time your entries and exits.

View the rarity rankings of your favorite NFT collection in a matter of seconds after revealing and filter out the best deal! On top of that, you can set custom alerts based on the prices and rarities.

You will get access to a weekly drop notifications calendar with the most promising collections as well as further insights into those projects.

There will be a public news channel about current mints, interesting sales, hacks, general market updates, and much more.

Pass holders will gain access to enter raffles to win whitelist spots to upcoming, selected projects. These whitelist spots give promised mints into some of the unique and innovative projects in the space.

Update coming soon. Stay tuned


The Spacegate Pass & App is a full time project for us and we already have years of utility planned to continuously deliver
more value to the Spacegate Pass holders. Every quarter we will be launching new short-term roadmaps. While we have a lot
planned on our roadmap, we also plan to drop bonus announcements randomly to deliver more value to our long-term holders.


  • Development begins & Marketing

    We begin developing the app so that our pass holders can access a beta version of the Spacegate App directly or a couple of days after the mint. Also, our marketing begins to build a solid community of people who are sharing the same vision we have. The team will reserve 50 passes for marketing purposes (i.e. giveaways and future collaborations).


  • Release of the Spacegate Beta Version

    Directly after the mint, we invite all pass holders to test the Beta Version of the App. Each holder can give us feedback on the current version and help us improve the app along the way.

  • Private community chat

    After the official mint of the Spacegate Pass, the holders will be granted access to community chat and private NFT signals going over new high potential NFT sets. We are constantly adding new members to the team and community that are knowledgeable and experienced with NFTs.

  • Community Grant Fund of $25,000

    We will launch a community grant fund starting with $25,000 for the first year of development for those that want to contribute value to the Spacegate Pass and receive funding from the Spacegate Team. In addition, 2.5% of OpenSea royalties will be added to future community grants in order to consistently add value and utility to Spacegate Pass.

  • Spacegate Launchpad

    To bring even more value to our NFT holders, we are helping other projects develop and launch their NFT sets. Members will get various benefits from this like early whitelist access, giveaways, cheaper mint cost and more.


The Spacegate Pass is a NFT collection limited to 2000 passes, built for a lifetime & exclusive access to the Spacegate App and every function the app will provide.

There will be a set of only 2000 passes with no additional future mints.

0.2 ETH+ Gas. Our developers are working to make the smart contract as efficient as possible to keep the gas fee as low as possible.

We will add a wallet verification to the app so every Spacegate Pass holder is able to verify their holdings. This will automatically give them access to all functions provided in the app. Same process for the private community channels in discord. There the holders will receive exclusive access to all private channels.

TBA. Join our discord for more information.

No, there’s no presale for our project. We’re whitelist only! So only the people on the whitelist have the possibility to mint the Spacegate Pass. If people from the whitelist decide not to buy the Spacegate Pass, we’ll do a public sale for the remaining passes.

We already began developing the app so that our pass holders can access a beta version of the Spacegate App directly or a couple of days after the mint. The final version of the app will be released around 4 weeks after the mint.

We will create a form in our discord, which only Spacegate Pass holders will have access to. You will be able to tell us about your skills and ideas you have to bring even more value to the project. Through a selection process, we will examine all applications and the best ideas will be chosen to be implemented.


A team completely dedicated to make your life easier and see you succeed


Founder | Management

Julian is an engineering graduate from Germany. During his career at the university, his studies and additional courses allowed him to develop his strengths in start-up building, technical innovation and project management. He has already contributed to the development of several apps.


Founder | Creative Mind

Tim is a German digital artist and NFT trader who has worked with companies like Oakley, Huawei, Canon, Sennheiser and many more. He has also published 2 different apps with more than 250.000 downloads and has been exhibited in the largest newspapers like The Telegraph or the Huffington Post.


Software Developer

Christopher is a Software Developer from Germany, focusing on mobile application development. After he finished his Bachelor of Science in 2013, he worked for companies like Buhl-Data and paydirekt. Currently he is Senior iOS Developer and Teamleader at a big German bank. His experience encompasses Swift, Java, php, mySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



Takoa is Founder of Forgotten Ethereal Worlds and a Co-Founder of Lambda Clan. He stems from a Economic, Finance and Banking background having stemmed from experiencing working in multiple financial sectors such as Venture Capital, Renewables, M&A and startups. In his spare time he loves coming up with unique ideas to further develop and push the web3 space in a whole unique direction.



Kevin is a software engineer from Germany with an experience of over 10 years. Originally from an ecommerce background in Web2 (PHP, Symfony, AMQP Queues), Kevin is transitioning with his own company What The Commit to a Web3 Fullstack Developer (JS, NodeJS, Solidity), based on his experiences Kevin develops applications which are high performant, secure and fail-safe.



With having spent many years in fintech sphere within with Local Banks, Community Banks, and as well Credit Unions DJ has been creating custom solutions to help the institutions with onboarding as well even with solutions with the United States SBA loan programs offered.


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